How to choose your wing foil or sup foil board?

How to choose your board?

How to choose your surfboard board or stand up foil?

Here is a little guide that will help you make the right choice of board. there are 3 essential parameters to take into account: your program, your level and your weight.

Before acquiring a board of wing surf or sup foil, it is necessary to determine what you want to do with it. With a wing, you can do freeride (quiet practice mostly on a flat water), freestyle or surf. The more radical your practice is (jumps, incisal surfs), the more specific and small your wingsurf board will be (between 40 and 95 liters), and if you want to freeride, you can opt for a comfortable board. bulky (between 95 and 140 liters).

Attention, many videos highlight riders who use tiny boards (less than 50 liters, or even “pocket boards”) with the wing, this practice remains elitist and can only be suitable if the wind is strong enough (at least 20 knots). The use of boards as small can only be done in regular winds, under penalty of having to go swimming! If you do not live in an area where the average winds are between 20 and 30 knots, prefer a larger board (minimum 70 liters).

Stand up foil boards are larger than wingsurf. Paddling requires volume, if you already practice the classic sup in the waves, you can opt for a board whose volume is equivalent to your classic board. Attention do not rely on the length, the boards of sup foil are much more compact than the boards of classic sup.

If you want to practice the wing surf and stand up paddle foil with the same board, in this case you also need to maintain a volume identical to the one you use in conventional Sup. As an indication, a rider who weighs beetween 60 to 75 kgs can take a board whose volume is between 75 liters and 100 liters, for a weight of 70 to 90 kgs you will need a board of 95 to 115 liters.