Korvenn wing surf & sup foil
What is the wing foil?

The wing foil (sometimes called Wing surf) is a practice that was born from the meeting between the foil surfing and the free wing called “wing”. These 2 disciplines are not recent, but their union offers an extraordinary potential for sailing, and exceptional sensations!

The wing surf opens new perspectives in the world of water sports, the range of use of a wing is very wide, the possibility of neutralizing the wing for surfing or downwinds  allows an unprecedented approach to surfing ! Whether for freeride (freestyle), freestyle or surfing, the wing offers a wide range of uses!

Navigating in the light wind, exploiting water that is not conducive to navigation, all this is possible with a feeling of incredible freedom and lightness. For all these reasons, the wing is a fabulous support with many facets.

What is surfing or sup foil?

Surfing with a foil is discovering new sensations, and exploit waves that are not necessarily without foil. Reconnecting waves by pumping between each waves is a new approach to gliding, be it surf foil or stand up paddle foil! These disciplines are totally addictive, and we find the sensations of freedom and speed that can be felt with a downwind wing or surf.