The Wing

The wing

The wing korvenn is distinguished by the volume of its inflatable structure. Indeed the leading edge and the central batten have large diameters, the purpose being to stiffen the wing as much as possible. Rigidity is the key to performance, it also brings balance and a huge range of use.

In order not to weigh down the profile, we chose high-end materials, with a light but robust dacron due to its tight screening, and a double-weft spinnaker that has the same advantages. We thus obtain an ultra rigid and light set.

The development of a wing is more technical than it seems, to have a balanced wing, manageable and the least bulky possible, the aspect ratio, the width of the ears, the hollow, the dihedron of the leading edge are as much of parameters not to be neglected. The Korvenn wing has a maximally centered surface, the ears are narrow, and the dihedral is moderate, with these characteristics one obtains a compact wing, easy to handle, powerful and powerful.

The choice of PVC windows proved essential to widen the field of vision and navigate safely. During transitions, including jibes, the windows open the vision under the wind, and allow to change edge with confidence!

Sizes: 4m² (499 €) – 5m² (549 €)