Sup Glider bamboo board

Korvenn Sup Glider Bamboo

The Sup Glider is a board for stand up foil and wing surf. Featuring a PVC / bamboo sandwich construction, with 2 central battens, this board is sturdy and lightweight and resists the constraints of sailing with a wing.

The bottom is hollowed out in central channel, and lateral bevels favor early planning. Central strap inserts have been added to modulate the positions.

Lightweight and balanced, this board is effective in pumping and allows you to fly quicklyon waves or sail with the wing.

wing foil and stand up foil board

Korvenn Sup glider bamboo board


  • 5’10 » X 28  1/2″ (108 Liters) – Price: 790€
  • 6’0″ X 29″ (118 Liters) – Price: 790€
  • 6’2″ X 29  1/2 (125 Liters) – Price: 790€
  • 6’4″ X 30 (136 Liters) – Price: 790€

Planche de wing et sup foil Korvenn Bambou