The Korvenn Super Lift foil offers a very good compromise for sailing with a wing in maximum conditions, but also for surfing with a stand up or a surf foil or for pumping on flat water.

With a front wing of 92cm, the possibility to mount it with a mast of 65 or 75cm height, the Korvenn Super Lift 920 has a fuselage, a top plate and an aluminum mast. Stabilizer and front wing are made of 4K carbon.

The profile of the front wing has a moderate thickness that brings stability, a good lift to fly early, and good speed. Easy but powerful, this rugged foil is ultra versatile while providing excellent glide, and easy behavior in curves.

used with surf and stand up paddle foil board, it is perfect for waves  from 30cm to 1m, and used with a wing its range is from 8 to 30 knots.

Price: 550 € – ORDER

Korvenn Super Lift 920 Hydrofoil