Boards are coming!


The Korvenn wing foil and stand up foil boards will be available next week! You can already order it for delivery within 10 days. Many of you ask us for informations on these boards, so here is some details.

We were among the first on the market to offer Sup foil boards, and our first prototypes came out more than 3 years ago, our experience has allowed us to place reinforcements in areas of high constraints to offer boards reliable, efficient, with an optimal weight / volume ratio. For information, the boards weigh approximately 6.5 kg for 80 liters, 7.5 kg for 100 liters and 8.5 kg for 130 liters.

We offer 2 constructions, one in Innegra carbon, the other in bamboo / fiberglass. These 2 constructions are provided with a foam core including 2 wooden stringers, PVC reinforcements under the feet and PVC around the boxes. Lamination is done with an epoxy resin. These constructions make it possible to obtain rigid (necessary for pumping) and solid boards.

Our boards have 2 US Box rails to fix the flat top of the foils, and multiple footstraps inserts for a maximum of positioning options as well for the practice of wing surfing or stand up foiling. For more information on the boards, it’s here:

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  • Chris Vermeulen

    Can’t wait to get one of these boards for flat water foil pumping and swell foiling!


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