Etel, spot of wing and foil!


Etel, small port of Morbihan (Brittany / France) is an ideal site for fans of wing foil. With various conditions you can during your session alternate a flat spot in the basin, on the ria, or ocean side on the barre beach for experienced riders.

For beginners, fans of freestyle on flat water, or for those who want to work their transitions, the basin (at the nautical center) is the ideal spot by south, west and northwest winds, the ria works through all directions of wind, while the Etel barre beach is ideally working in westerly, northwesterly, or southerly winds.

The Etel barre beach can also be a fabulous spot for surf or stand up foil by swell from south to west, provided you are in tune with the tide (low tide, beginning of the rising)...

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