Wingsurf in Lanzarote


Less touristy and less known for the practice of water sports than the neighboring island of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote has the advantage of offering less crowded spots, and a better preserved environment.
As for temperatures, in winter the average air and water is around 20 °, and 25 ° in summer. The climate is very sunny and dry all year round.
The spot of las Cucharas on the Costa Teguise is renowned for windsurfing, receiving well the north east trade wind (side shore), we had the opportunity to sail with a wing foil here.
This spot located on the east coast of Lanzarote works best in spring and summer, because the trade wind is stronger, in winter it works more randomly. To access it, you have to walk for about 300m, the nearest parking lot being set back from the beach.
The water is flat near the beach, dikes protecting the shore from the swell, but causing a slump. The advantage of jetties is that they make it easier to get in and out. At 200m from the shore the wind becomes stronger and regular, we can exploit swell trains, and waves on the reef further from the shore by shifting towards Los Charcos. Be careful not to touch the reef with the foil, especially at low tide.
For wing surfing, the reef located at the end of the most northerly pier offers a beautiful playing field, with waves fairly preserved from the chop, and long enough to have fun in surfing. On windless days the spot must be interesting for surfing and sup foiling too!
If the wind changes direction, there is a spot exposed to the west called Famara, located 25 minutes by car from the Costa Teguise. Famara receives good swell from west and northwest, to be tested perhaps in the coming days …

Wingsurf in Los charcos

Wingsurf in Las Cucharas

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